What is RUMP?

Historically a soiree was an evening gathering usually given at a private house where guests are invited to listen, to play, and to dance. RUMP is a soiree but with a bit more ass than class, less cocktail dress and more artfully, if maybe artisanally, casual. Think a natural wine bottle with flowers in it or Italian clogs, instead of heels. Capture the moment but lets do it on a disposable camera, instead of your phone (you’ll actually remember it better). Come as comfortable as you are but with all the personality simmering out. 

Highlighting the seasonality of foods within the Cleveland region we invite people to an evening of stimulating moments of art, conversation, and movement. Jovial, silly, and clearly irreverent, we hope you leave the night refreshed and ready to hop on into the night. RUMP is an evening where the food, art, and music commingle into an inebriated but artful mess.

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Ryanaustin Dennis is an Oakland based curator/artist/writer/. Insta: @tyson_bite